Monday, April 19, 2010


Deborah Tolman titled "Object Lessons: Romance, Violation, and Female Adolescent Sexual Desire"

Something that I understood
“Good girls don’t want; what they really want is love” while reading this passage it was clear to me that Deborah was trying to look deep with in the “good girls” mood. I feel like one of Deborah main points are; as woman/ adolescent woman we often in movies, TV shows, the media and are everyday lives we base are sexuality on boys. Are sexuality is the domain and desire of boys. Because of this, “girl’s sexuality has been reduced to their sexual and reproductive parts”. The media is sending constant message about the importance of their appearance, and giving unrealistic ideas about their appearances is causing girls to have low self-esteem. “Consumerism, sexuality, and male supremacy can hardly be separated in either the music or the fan magazines”. I think that it is kind of hard for girls to feel pretty now a days because of how people have changed what the real meaning of beauty is it seams like now beauty means that u need to be thin in the white America culture. While indicating, males are who we should be beautiful for “the strong fearless male”

Something that I didn’t understand
I believe I understood the passage.

Imbedded Link
GOOD GIRLS GO BAD (connection alot of "flirt texting")

While analyzing advertisements in magazines, I realized one thing: all of the companies were selling way more than just their products. They were selling messages indicating “females should be gentle and beautiful” What is considered beautiful in one society is different from standards in others.