Monday, April 19, 2010


Deborah Tolman titled "Object Lessons: Romance, Violation, and Female Adolescent Sexual Desire"

Something that I understood
“Good girls don’t want; what they really want is love” while reading this passage it was clear to me that Deborah was trying to look deep with in the “good girls” mood. I feel like one of Deborah main points are; as woman/ adolescent woman we often in movies, TV shows, the media and are everyday lives we base are sexuality on boys. Are sexuality is the domain and desire of boys. Because of this, “girl’s sexuality has been reduced to their sexual and reproductive parts”. The media is sending constant message about the importance of their appearance, and giving unrealistic ideas about their appearances is causing girls to have low self-esteem. “Consumerism, sexuality, and male supremacy can hardly be separated in either the music or the fan magazines”. I think that it is kind of hard for girls to feel pretty now a days because of how people have changed what the real meaning of beauty is it seams like now beauty means that u need to be thin in the white America culture. While indicating, males are who we should be beautiful for “the strong fearless male”

Something that I didn’t understand
I believe I understood the passage.

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GOOD GIRLS GO BAD (connection alot of "flirt texting")

While analyzing advertisements in magazines, I realized one thing: all of the companies were selling way more than just their products. They were selling messages indicating “females should be gentle and beautiful” What is considered beautiful in one society is different from standards in others.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Something that I understood
This was my first time ever seeing this TV show; I really don’t know how I feel about it. As I watched it there are some very in your face stereotypes and gender roles for example:

· The dumb cheerleaders
· The perfect White Female
· The very sensitive gay male
· The big black loud/mad African American Female
· The handicap person who is labeled as “different” before he even opens his mouth.

This is nothing NEW to TV although I’m sure we have all seem these stereotypes before. I some how feel like this TV show is not all bad. YES! The stereotypes and the gender roles are very annoying and played out. I feel like some how this TV show is doing something a little different then what we are used to seeing. Some how I feel like there bring everyone together at the end. Overcoming the stereotypes/gender roles and working together as an team, spite there differences.

Something I didn’t understand
I feel like I understood everything.

stereotypes as seen by the teens in a local high school in Missoula, teens tell it through their opinions.

New Media

Teens from different culturals expressing their thoughts on New Media!!!

Something that I understood
“I argue that these new media phenomena are symptomatic and illustrative of both technological affordances and larger socio-cultural trends.” I agree, the media is slowly taking over the world. This can be problematic, but it has become such a norm. I’m not sure people see the problem with “phatic communications”. Speaking from experience “platic communication” is everywhere and sometimes I often feel like I’m addicted to this way of life. Something that I find myself always doing is the social networking. “A disembedded intersubjectivity which contrasts the belonging of community with the concept of integration and distegration in a network.” These days I don’t even talk on the phone anymore, I feel like the days of getting to no someone by phone conversation and interaction are over. Now a days it seems like u meet someone and get to no them though text messaging and if u really want to get to no them u request them on FACKBOOK ?? that’s crazy.

Something I didn’t understand
Some of the wording in the passages was very big words and I can’t always follow. But I do feel like I got a good idea of what the passages were talking about.

There was a strong connection between the (comings of age with the Internet) “the experience of personal development through online media use was primarily positive. Some saw it as a natural and necessary part of human evolution: I think people were born to enjoy interactivity and love communicating interactively.” (Coming of age with the internet pg. 80) I feel like this statement can also apply to this passage.

Monday, March 1, 2010

In every art form there will be great things and will be things not worth listening to...Just like Hip Hop has them there are alot of other forms as well!!

Hip Hop, Mass Media and 21 Century Colonization. Dr Jared Bell's

Things I understood.
I liked this reading it was about Hip Hop, Mass Media and 21 Century Colonization. Dr Jared Bell's address Hip Hop and how to him it has become colonized. Bell argues, “Like mass media and popular culture, hip-hop too is often removed from its proper context as the cultural expression of a domestically-held internal colony otherwise known as Black America”. Black culture is a culture of creativity, of intelligent, athletic, successful and economically strong people. It is a culture of overcoming all obstacles. Rap music is an example of black cultural production. I agree that Rap music is linked to black culture, because when rappers write their songs they are telling stories, stories of how is it to live their lives, a black urban life. By taking on the identity of the observer or narrator, rappers use rap as a way of expressing themselves, their way of life, their style and culture, and their reality to contemporary America. That makes rap an expression, Like rapper Jay-z said in the song “come and get it”, “I brought the suburbs to the hood, made them relate to our struggle”; by all theses cultures watching, and adopting black culture, the hip hop style and the way of life becomes not only a black culture, but a culture that is reflected in many cultures. With that said, Do I feel like hip hop is the reason why we are having shooting in schools?, or the reason why black women or women in general are being looked down upon. NO NOT AT ALL!! I feel like in every art or expression there will be violence and arguer, and why is it we don’t hear about the other forms of expressions the reflect on violence. For example opera, like Michael Dyson said it is about murder and insets. In every art form there will be great things and will be things not worth listening to. I just don’t think it’s fair to generalize hip hop, when this problem goes a lot deeper then hip hop music.

Things I don’t understand
• I understood the reading.

• Often the images in videos can have an impact on teenagers and how they feel about themselves. A lot like the media and the magazine add we looked at before.

• Have we really didn’t are search on hip hop? If so what did we find while searching this art form.



Monday, February 22, 2010

McMillan & Morrison Coming of age with the Internet

Kaima Dunbar

I found this reading very interesting and it made me think about my relationship with the internet. “While some informants found the internet allowed for the creation of a new persona that could be accepted “as is”, others found that the new self they had developed through their online activities was alienated.”(Coming of age with the internet pg. 78) I remember my earlier years of becoming a teenager I was very addicted to the internet to be exact teen chat rooms. Just like Brian brother Mark in one of the interviews, I and my friends would spend hours online to the point I was on the computer all night. Just like Mark we all had different online identities. I don’t think this is very healthy for developing minds. But on the other hand, “the experience of personal development through online media use was primarily positive. Some saw it as a natural and necessary part of human evolution: I think people were born to enjoy interactivity and love communicating interactively.” (Coming of age with the internet pg. 80) I also agree and can relate to that statement as well. I feel like the internet is one of the best parts of new technology and for people who don’t know how to use the internet it can be a big disadvantage when applying for jobs or even job hunting these days.


In this day and age we have to learn how to use the internet; it’s a big part of society. But with so many of are adolescent becoming addicted, where do we draw the line?


Monday, February 15, 2010

The Tangle of Discourses by Rebecca Raby

Things I Understood

This passage was hard to understand for me it was because of the wording. But from what I did understand. Raby has five discourses that she feels molds ideas of teens in society: the storm, becoming, at-risk, social problem, and pleasurable consumption. “The determination to establish separate identities and to demonstrate their independence, one way or another, from their parents’ world, often brands teenagers as potential troublemakers in the public and we think the worst.”(Raby pg 436) I believe Raby is trying to say, that often we tell are teens who to be and how to act with discourses. “A discourse refers to a set of meanings, metaphors, representations, images, stories, statements and so on that in some way together produce a particular version of events” (Raby pg 430) From what I understood of these discourses are imbedded into adolescent experience from the outside by “professional positions who hold a particular authority and thus create knowledge about certain subjects” (Raby pg 430).

Things I didn’t Understand

I believe that I understood the passage, after reading it carefully. I just felt like the way the passage was worded was hard to understand.

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